Extra Points: Brian Spano 5/17

Brian Spano

By Brian Spano PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: May 17, 2013 - 6:07 AM

This offseason is definitely shaping up for what looks to be an interesting high school football season this fall.
Like every year, there have been some coaching changes in the metro area, but this year, there have been 20, an unlikely higher number than what might be considered usual.
Each year coaches move on for opportunities outside the Metro or maybe opportunities across the state line. Some coaches may feel it’s time to hang it up after a long and illustrious career.
And when these changes occur, the dominoes begin to fall.
Assistants see this as an opportunity to seize their moment as their first head-coaching job. Others from outside the metro who may have been coaching in a small town, but have always longed to move to a bigger city, now have their chance to prove themselves at a bigger school and a bigger program.
Sometimes what’s overlooked with this coaching musical chairs is how the kids will react to these changes. How quickly can they learn a new system after playing in the previous regime’s system for so many years? Can they adapt to new and different coaching styles? Will there be immediate chemistry between the new coaching staff and the kids? And will that lead to success right away?
There are so many questions and unknowns when a new coach comes in to take over a program.
There will definitely be an adjustment period for these 20 or so programs with new coaches at the helm, and it will be interesting to watch how the kids adapt .
Rest assured, each of these coaches will have a plan in place when camps open for the 2013 high school football season. And when the lights shine on Friday nights, and the ball is finally kicked, success may come with ease for some. For others, the growing pains might be too bearable to stand, but in either case, it will be a learning experience for all involved.
Brian Spano is a Senior Writer for PrepsKC.