Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 4/29

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: April 29, 2013 - 11:25 AM

As many of us sat down to watch the NFL Draft last week, thoughts went from “what if?” to “now what?”

The future of every NFL team was in flux before the draft began no Thursday. There were holes to be filled and man questions to be answered. After the draft was complete, many of those holes were filled.
Questions? Well, that’s a bit more difficult and those answers aren’t going to be answered for some time.
When it comes to high school football, the final month of the school year has players thinking about next year, but there’s no draft for high school coaches.
The holes have to be filled with what’s in the cupboard so it’s a little bit different.
And like those NFL and college teams, the answers aren’t coming anytime soon. The questions won’t get any sort of resolution until the season opens in September.
So, that takes us back to that whole, hole thing.
High school teams fill holes in the weight room. If the offensive line lost three starters, the only option is to build three more offensive linemen to take their spots. To get those players ready for prime time, it was all up to the commitment in the weight room in June and July.
It’s not just for those unsung stalwarts in the trenches, either. The weight room is where everyone gets better. It’s for bulking up, fine tuning and tweaking. That can be for a 275-pound lineman or a 150-pound cornerback.
High school teams fill holes on the field during 7-on-7 leagues and tournaments.
It’s the weight room annex for the skill position players.
Quarterbacks and receivers find the tempo they need. They discover the chemistry they desperately need.
On the defensive side of the ball, the defensive backs and linebackers shake the rust and fid a bit of mojo of their own.
Yep, you can’t go draft a new team at the high school level, so it’s all about preparation and it begins (or continues in most ever case) during those blisteringly hot summer months.
Buckets of sweat and long mornings in June and July will turn into success in the fall.
And that’s when those questions will get their answers.
Jim Bradford is a Senior Writer for PrepsKC.