Coach's Corner: Jeff Floyd 3/9

Jeff Floyd

By Jeff Floyd Former Truman High School Head Coach
Posted: March 9, 2013 - 10:51 AM

I have been a teacher and coach for 30 years with experience at all levels, coaching Pop-Warner to Professionals. I have been an assistant middle school coach/teacher, and a head college football coach.... and pretty much everything in between.
I consider myself fortunate to be able to call many of you colleagues and friends. Most of what I know, I learned from my associations with great coaches in the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association.
This New Year I made a resolution to begin this project, a blog, with the goal of writing every day. I decided to use this forum to share systems, knowledge, tips, techniques, data… essentially everything that is at my disposal assist interested athletes, parents and coaches. I will share all that has been shared with me – that is how this coaching fraternity has and should work.
In all my years coaching, I cannot recall a single time, that when asked, coached, and motivated, an athlete I was working was not willing to do more.... Another rep, another lap, a faster split, etc. I think that we, as coaches are more likely to ask, to demand too little rather than too much. Hence the name of my blog.... You Can Do More!, which you can find at
The blog is over 60 posts strong, with topics ranging from strength and conditioning, recruiting, motivation, and of course football. I hope you visit and occasionally take away a kernel that might help you.
Enjoy, and remember, you can do more... your brain is lying to you... don't believe it!
Twitter - @youcandomore1
Jeff Floyd has coached at all levels and was most recently the head coach at Truman High School. PrepsKC will feature some of his blog entries from time to time in the Coach’s Corner column.