View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 2/14

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: February 14, 2013 - 8:14 AM

National Signing Day is always an exciting and interesting time of year. It signifies a new start to the football careers of dozens of football players across the Metro.
Every year I am asked about recruiting around National Signing Day. People want to know if I have the inside information on where this player or that player is headed. While I do hear things and players and coaches keep me informed, covering the recruiting of the athlete is not something we do at PrepsKC.
There are plenty of services and sites that will track the decisions and or whims of high school players as the try to make their choices on where to play college football. They all do a good job and provide a service for the fans of the schools the athletes will attend next season.
The service we try to provide is coverage of high school football in the Kansas City Metro. Simply put that is covering the games, stories, players, coaches and fans of one of the top three spectator sports in Kansas City.
Signing Day in my mind is the ending of the football seasons senior class. It is the last recognition of those who have played their last high school game and are moving on. We try to provide the most comprehensive list in the Metro and again this year we have done that. That list can change and be updated and we still welcome your updates.
While Signing Day is an exciting time for players, parents, coaches and fans, the harsh reality is almost half the players who sign won’t be playing football in two years. It’s not a good or bad thing just the reality.
Players will go to college and decide football isn’t for them. They may get hurt. They may find they aren’t suited for college life. Real life might intrude and force a change in plans. These aren’t negatives, this is just the way things are.
Real life intrudes all over the place whether you are playing football or not. I was one of those people who started college and had to stop. It happens. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just one of those challenges that some of us have faced or will face.
That leads me to another part of the PrepsKC philosophy that I will share with you. We cover high school football in a positive manner to the best of our ability. Football is a great sport and offers many opportunities for growth and it should be celebrated.
PrepsKC is not here to scour the police blotter, Twitter or Facebook to find negative things about players, coaches or programs. There are plenty of good stories to be told.
At the same time real life can intrude. When the real world intrudes it has to be reported and PrepsKC will continue to do so. Contrary to what some may believe, we do not enjoy the bad news, but it is news and has to be reported. The hope is the bad news doesn’t come often and isn’t too bad.
While that bad news will come every so often, the good news on PrepsKC trumps it easily. In our three years we have posted nearly 2,000 stories and columns and in that time only three or four of those stories has been something that wasn't pleasant. Like I said it happens, just not that often. PrepsKC will continue to look for the positive and bring you the outstanding coverage we pride ourselves on every day of the week.
Dion Clisso is the Managing Editor of PrepsKC. To reach him send email to