Coach's Corner: Chad Frigon 1/20

Chad Frigon

By Chad Frigon Liberty Head Coach
Posted: January 22, 2013 - 1:11 PM

National Signing Day is rapidly approaching. This day is always looked at with anticipation and excitement! Feb. 6, will be a time where selected players can receive scholarships to assist with the expense of earning a college education that will last them a lifetime, while continuing to play the sport they love the most, football. This will be the day they sign on the dotted line.
The Kansas City area is very fortunate to have exceptional college football programs, at varying levels, recruit numerous players from the metro. In this article I will go through some information I cover with players at Liberty High School as they begin the recruiting process.
Students that are productive both on the field and in the classroom during high school are considered by these schools. If a player desires to play at the college level, the first step is earning playing time on the varsity field. You may have heard the phrase, “Your tape is your resume,” and this is absolutely the case. You have to put yourself in a position where you can be evaluated. The opportunity to play, or the level of college football you may eventually play, will not be decided by you, your parents, or your coach. Ultimately, your future rests with the college coaches who evaluate actual game film.
On the academic side of things, you will need to meet with your high school guidance counselor and see where you are in terms of eligibility at different schools as well as with the clearinghouse. The varying levels of college football require different academic requirements. These requirements can be covered when you schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor. Also, taking preparatory classes for the ACT and SAT can help improve your test scores. These scores are important as you begin to look at college requirements.
There are numerous camps and combines that are available to high school athletes in our area. These range from local colleges to national recruiting services. Camps can be a great way to promote yourself and learn new skills, but they can also be an excellent way for colleges to evaluate players. Many colleges are able to select and limit the players they will eventually recruit based on performances during the camps.
Colleges prefer to have highlight videos and game film, to evaluate, versus just game film. A highlight video is not essential to being evaluated, but it can help grab the interest of recruiters, so they request more film and contact information about you. Many programs, such as HUDL, offer very affordable ways to develop a highlight video. These videos include your contact information as well as your academic information.
Recruiting has also changed recently due to social media. Many coaches not only use Facebook and Twitter as a way to way to communicate with prospective players, but they can also learn about a player by what is posted on your account. It is important to be responsible as a player, and keep your accounts clear of things that may hurt you in the eyes of a college coach.
Social media can also aid you in your recruitment. There are many recruiting resources you can follow, on Twitter, that help you better understand the recruiting process. @1001RecruitTips does an exceptional job with providing tips and information to players.
During your recruitment, you will meet face to face with college coaches either on visits to your prospective school or on our campus. It is important to appear interested and attentive with these coaches and have great eye contact during your conversations. Many coaches will ask you if you have any questions for them about their program or school. Come prepared. Try to have some well thought out questions ready for the coaches that will help you determine if you are right for the program and school and if it’s the right program and school for you.
The opportunity to play football at the collegiate level should not be the ultimate goal of high school players or programs. Collegiate football is an opportunity that may exist due to the hard work and success on and off the football field. As a coach, it is very rewarding to see former players attending college while getting the opportunity to play this game we love.
Chad Frigon is the Head Coach at Liberty.