Coach's Corner: Tim Crone 11/23

Tim Crone

By Tim Crone Former Blue Springs Activities Director
Posted: November 24, 2012 - 9:51 AM

High school football domination at the state championship level has remained on the west side of the state over the past 10 to 12 years.
This year Blue Springs, Ft. Osage, Webb City and Penny-Hamilton have an opportunity to continue that tradition. A powerhouse status doesn’t just happen by chance. It doesn’t happen by luck and it’s not just the way things work out.
Continued success hinges on a number of factors. A key factor is coaching. The football coaching staffs on the west side of Missouri are extremely dedicated and possess a vision of success. They develop programs that remain active throughout the entire year in both the weight room and camps.
These coaches are pushed by other conference schools and non-league opponents to work at a high level and compete at a high level. The teams set their schedules to play strong opponents every week of the season. The participants have to remain mentally and physically tough at all times.
In addition to strong coaches and players, the school districts themselves are more committed as a whole to all of the athletic programs. This is clearly visible – the facilities on the west side of the state are considerably better. Friday night football is a way of life. Booster clubs and fan support are far more superior than their counterparts in the east.
Finally, the programs on this side of the state believe in themselves...that they ARE “football country” in Missouri. For decades, Jefferson City was the stronghold in Missouri but not so any more. The Kansas City area now carries the high school football banner. There’s no doubt, the worm can turn at any point in time. It’s crucial that we all eat, breath and sleep high school football to keep our tradition alive and well!