Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 10/19

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: October 19, 2012 - 7:30 AM

Blue Valley Southwest found something out last Friday.
The upstart program on the south side of town hasn’t been around that long. They are in just their third year as the newest member of the Blue Valley family that now stands five strong.
They found out Friday night that no matter how good they look, no matter how many people had picked them to knock off big brother and district patriarch Blue Valley, it takes more than some bloated stats and a better record.
Even after jumping out to 14-0 and 21-7 leads on the perennial state power Blue Valley, the Timberwolves found out as the skies began to unload late in their matchup Friday night at Blue Valley that a hard, hard rain is gonna fall and they have to be a bit tougher to ride the storm out. Those two 14-point leads were gone and the Tigers were 1-0 in district play with a 28-21 win.
Song title references aside, the Wolves found out that beating the old guy is tough. Real tough.
It just doesn’t happen that easily, especially over here on the Kansas side.
The Wolves can ask another relative newbie just how tough it can be. All they have to do is look at Olathe Northwest and see just how hard it is to break into the club and go from newbie to one of the gang.
Since they began playing varsity football in 2004, Olathe Northwest has beaten another Olathe school just twice. They knocked off Olathe North when their starting quarterback was wiped out with a nasty knee injury early in their 2006 game and then handed it to the same North team last year.
Some thought that was the sign that they had arrived. Maybe? Well, they lost to Olathe North on Friday night 40-7.
Not that it can’t be done. And quickly. Lee’s Summit West and Staley have bucked that trend a bit over on the Missouri side.
It’s just hard. Very hard, as the Timberwolves found out Friday night.
The good news is that BV Southwest looks like they are close. Very close.
For the first 20 minutes Friday night, they wee flat whipping Blue Valley. They had outgained the Tigers 148-23 and had a 14-0 lead.
Then, as good, seasoned teams do, the Tigers put together a scoring drive in the final minutes of the second quarter to cut the lead in half at intermission.
While, that may not have been the difference in the game, it was did prove to be possibly the biggest drive of the night for either team. Even bigger than Blue Valley’s game winning drive midway through the fourth quarter.
“We just needed our chance to get going,” Blue Valley running back Ryan McNerlin said.
Indeed. That’s what the big dogs do. They’ve been in those positions before. Lots. In fact, the Tigers were in a similar situation last week, coming back from another 14-point deficit to win.
Southwest isn’t done after Friday’s loss, but the road is going to be tough. The road to the playoffs is quite similar to the road to a seat at the adult’s table at Thanksgiving.
The best news: It always seems to happen eventually. The Timberwolves are hoping sooner rather than later.