Coach's Corner: Tim Crone 10/10

Tim Crone

By Tim Crone Former Blue Springs Activities Director and Head Coach
Posted: October 10, 2012 - 4:49 PM

Kansas City high school football has become a power to reckon with in the state of Missouri – at all class levels! More and more area schools are building great programs – programs that are able to compete at a high level year in and year out.
Kansas City Metro coaches are not afraid to play good teams to test their ability. These teams make it a priority to play the best teams in order to take their programs to the top. All of these programs consist of coaches who trust the players and players who trust the coaches, training and techniques.
Every member feels responsible to one another and the team. Great teams have very few instances of behavioral issues. The programs are developing traditions that will be passed on to future teams. These positive traditions will provide players with lessons that lead to success in life.
In the past, the great teams in the Kansas City area would play one another only two or three weeks in the season. Now, a great match up at every level occurs every week of the season. That level of competition provides a lot of entertainment every single Friday night.
We are seven weeks into the season, and just about anything can still happen before the state championship game. Local teams will be well prepared for a state championship run.
Fans who love high school football need to get out and support their favorite teams – the whole season should provide a fun ride.
Tom Watson once stated, “Sometimes you have to lose major championships before you can win them. It’s the price you pay for maturing. The more times you can put yourself in pressure situations – the more times you compete – the better off you are. It’s a learning experience that’s worth a fortune.”