Upon Further Review: Adam Sullivan 9/27

Adam Sullivan

By Adam Sullivan PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: September 26, 2012 - 11:02 PM

I was blessed as a high school football fan to grow up watching guys like Darren Sproles, Maurice Mack, and Jim Bouknight, Andre Jones etc. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to a realization that though Sproles is no longer haunting foes at ODAC, the Sunflower League still remains one of the greatest running back leagues in the area.
In a league that has such great history of the old Shawnee Mission High School to the dynasty that was Olathe North one thing has remained the same all these years and that’s premier backs across the league.
This season is no different as several teams boast premier running back and on any given night you’re likely too see a Sunflower League back break 200 yards. While those dynasties such as Olathe North and the old Shawnee Mission High make up the body of this league, running backs could be said to be the DNA.
Heading into week four of the 6A season, the Sunflower League had five running backs with over 300 yards rushing, and two with over 500 yards. Gabe Guild has led the league thus far and after last Friday night’s game he currently sits at 875 yards in four games which is 218 yards per game. That alone is an amazing accomplishment, and if he can continue to produce at this level he could find himself in the same category of Maurice Mack, and James Franklin and Guild could potentially hit the 2,000-yard mark.
While nobody this season will come close to reaching Darren Sproles or Jim Bouknight numbers who both easily rushed for well over 2,000 yards, it’s still very respectable and shows the Sunflower League is still a running league.
While more and more schools switch to the spread offense the Sunflower League will continue to remain in the words of Sheldon Richardson of the University of Missouri “Old man football” and as far as I’m concerned I’m happy with that, it keeps the tradition and history of this league present. 
So if you’re cruising around Overland Park or Olathe on a fall Friday night, go check out one of these schools and I promise you’ll feel the tradition and history amongst the stadium. In a way life is like the Sunflower League, the body is constantly changing but the DNA remains the same.