Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 9/7

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: September 7, 2012 - 7:12 AM

Friday night was a mess. Plain and simple.
Week 1 in Kansas was far from an evening full of highlights for a time capsule. Far from it.
But it was week 1. It was a time for Kansas teams to get out on the field for real. No more scrimmages against teams with the same helmet as yours. No more red jerseys on the quarterback. Friday night was for keeps.
I’m just not sure what we can keep.
We are supposed to “learn a lot about our team,” in week 1. We are supposed to “see what we are made of,” in week 1.
As far as week 1 goes, it was a pretty weak one. And it was through no fault of the football teams that call the Kansas side of the state line home.
Mother Nature made sure that we can take little, to nothing, from week 1 to gauge who has the best team in town, who is the team to beat or who is the surprise team in 2012.
After four quarters, we know nothing. All we know is that the fields with the synthetic turn will be in much better shape a week from now.
Most of the teams we though would win did, but it was far from a ringing endorsement. When fans and reporters are using two hands to count quarterback fumbles and making side bets on whether or not they will even get the exchange from the center, its tough to get a feel for what that can show on offense.
With one week in the books, we know how teams look in a torrential downpour with winds whipping in from all directions.
Oh sure, that may come in handy in November, but September — or the final day of August in this case — is for development and design, not duck and cover.
Even the ground it and pound it teams were on their heels last night. Three yards and a cloud of dust? Hardly.
Defending Class 6A champ Olathe South snuck one out over Olathe East. Free State looked pretty good, so did Leavenworth. St. James looked good, too. Gardner-Edgerton and St. Thomas Aquinas won and I thought they wouldn’t. DeSoto got drilled. We could see everyone of those teams completely flip-flop next week.
But what does any of this really mean? Can we take much of anything from week 1? I don’t think so. Who knows what a dry track will do for these teams?
Yep, week 1 is in the books, but something tells me we will know a whole heck of a lot more about what the season holds when we wake up this Saturday morning.
Jim Bradford is a senior writer for PrepsKC.