Coach Profile: Leavenworth Asst. Joe Allison 4/8

Joe Allison

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: April 8, 2012 - 2:21 PM

When Leavenworth clinched its first playoff berth since 1980 in 2011 one person who understood just how far the program had come was Pioneers assistant coach Joe Allison.
The Leavenworth defensive coordinator isn’t just a coach for the school, he is a former player that understands just how hard it has been for the program to take this step. Allison played for the Pioneers from 1995-1998 before playing college football at Benedictine and Washburn.
Allison is now a member of head coach Kevin Kopecky’s staff and he said coaching was something he wanted to do since starting college.
“I realized I wanted to be a football coach the day that I signed at Benedictine to play football,” Allison said. “When I went to see the financial advisor she asked me what I wanted to major in and I asked her if football was an option. She told me that I could have a future in coaching, but would have to choose a specific discipline in which to study to make that possible. Naturally I chose physical education and the rest is history.”
Allison is also the baseball coach for the Pioneers and he said working to earn respect and hard work are the cornerstones of his coaching philosophy.
“My personal philosophy is a motto I came up with when I took the head baseball job at Leavenworth,” Allison said. “It is: Hard work = Success = Respect. It may sound cheesy, but in life we all strive for respect and to earn respect, especially in sports, you have to be successful.”
“There are two factors that lead to success in my opinion are hard work and great athletes. We are all blessed with great athletes from time to time, but hard work is the one factor we can control all the time. Plus through hard work you learn and develop discipline which carries over into your everyday life.”
Even though he is a head coach in baseball Allison enjoys the teamwork of being on a football staff. He said being a good assistant coach is like being a good teammate.
“Then most important thing about being a good assistant coach is knowing your role on the staff,” Allison said. “It’s just like being a great teammate. You must know your expectations, live up to them and fulfill them, and be supportive of the other coaches as they fulfill theirs in pursuit of the overall goal of the program.”