Coach's Corner: Tim Crone 2/21

Tim Crone

By Tim Crone former Blue Springs Activities Director
Posted: February 21, 2012 - 7:42 AM

Let me preface this article by stating upfront I do not have a dog in the KU, MU or K-State rivalry so save the e-mails...
In my opinion Bill Self is one the the top three basketball coaches in the country. For the life of me however, I cannot figure out the hire of Charlie Weis at the University of Kansas.
They have made a complete 360 degree choice three hires in a row in their football program with a roller coaster ride. They hired Coach Mark Mangino who’s style was to holler and scream at the players.
Coach Mangino was followed by mild-mannered Turner Gill.  Now they’re back to the big ego yeller and screamer in Charlie Weis. The common denominator in the three is “big names.” It appears that KU looks for quick temporary solutions rather than to search for someone who will bleed blue and red and take the necessary steps to build a solid Division I football program. I have asked a number of coaches and media representatives if they believed Coach Weis would last five years – resounding response is NO!
Right out of the gate as the KU head coach Weis chose to remove ten players, four of which are from the home territory of Kansas City. He has every right and may very well be justified to make the decision but his demeanor and style are definite turn-offs for area coaches and media.
His appearance in area high school coaches’ offices has been dressed in sweats with a know it all attitude. Granted he just had a hip surgery but he looked like he just came from a racket ball game with a “Do you realize I am Charlie Weis?” approach. I had to laugh at a few of the conversations.
Can you imagine Coach Weis, Todd Haley and Scott Paoli combined in the same organization? No wonder we had to improve the stadium – to accommodate those three huge egos. Back to the point of Charlie Weis as a Division I hire...he has stated he does not like recruiting and according to a media friend he had a deal in Florida that he did not have to recruit.
He is an excellent offensive coordinator. The proof is in all of his Super Bowl rings and how well he functioned as offensive coordinator for the Chiefs. At Notre Dame, however, he struggled with alumni and had trouble getting four and five star recruits.
Recruiting is the key to success at the college level. A coach can be the best X and O guy in the world but the bottom line boils down to Charlie’s and Joe’s. In addition his health has presented a struggle and the job of head coach in Division I football is one of the hardest jobs in the country.
I hope that Coach Weis and his staff can mend fences in the football community – a little PR and interaction can go a long way to promote the KU program.
My quote of the day is from Coach John Wooden, who truly “got it,”
“Class is an intangible quality which commands, rather than demands, the respect of others. This is because those who have it are truly considerate of others, are courteous and polite without being subservient, are not disagreeable when they disagree, are good listeners, and are at peace with themselves because they do not knowingly do wrong. In short, a person with class might be defined as one who practices ‘The Golden Rule’ in both his professional and personal life.”