Coach's Corner: Tim Crone 1/2

Tim Crone

By Tim Crone former Blue Springs Activities Director
Posted: January 2, 2012 - 1:39 PM

Another terrific high school football season is in the books. The Kansas City area enjoyed success on both sides of the state line. Locally, the victory of Blue Springs South over CBC of St. Louis to capture the Class 6 State Championship was spectacular. Class 5 Staley High School also celebrated a state championship victory. It just goes to show the level of competition in high school football in this area.
As the season closes we are all anxious to see how the new MSHSAA playoff format will impact high school football next year. Change is always difficult. The new system will place teams in an eight team bracket seeded by regular season records. It has come under early criticism.
I have served on three previous ad hoc football playoff committees and realize the difficulty in choosing a fair system that meets the individual needs of each and every school. Priorities always are conference affiliations, geographical location, and natural rivalries.
The new eight team bracket with seeding is a positive move in my opinion. The big possible negative will be the avoidance of schools to schedule regular season games with strong programs i.e. Rockhurst, Lee’s Summit West, Staley, and the Blue Springs schools in fear of a loss that would impact the seeding.
Bottom line – if you are serious about winning a state championship you need to be prepared to play the best teams. The goal to win a conference championship becomes even more magnified with every single victory being of importance. The seeding also will consider factors such as teams playing up a class and tie breakers.
Nearly all team sports in Missouri have this eight team bracket already in place in their playoff systems at it as worked effectively in them for a very long time. It offers a greater involvement for the teams with the MSHSAA playoff system. The days of a 0-7 team winning a district should become a phenomenon of the past.
Before everyone begins to complain about the new system they need to give it a couple of years to work itself out. Change is nearly always a good thing...even in high school football!
My quote of the day is from former NFL Quarterback Danny White, “I feel it’s easier to win if you aren’t afraid to take a chance once in a while and if, the other team knows you aren’t afraid.”