Coach's Corner: Paul Brown 11/17

Paul Brown

By Paul Brown Blue Valley assistant coach
Posted: November 17, 2011 - 3:11 PM

The season is winding down. Only a handful of teams are still playing. Some have checked in equipment, winter sports have begun to be the focus for many. Some players have moved on to other things, some back to the weight room to prepare for another fall campaign.
People in a few communities are excited because their teams are close to reaching that ultimate goal of a State Championship. At some schools it seems to be an annual event, as they always seem to be in the hunt. Yet, all teams and players start with that goal in mind, but only one team from each class can reach that pinnacle of being State Champs. Often times our society only celebrates the ultimate winner and in some ways that’s OK. That shouldn’t however diminish the accomplishments of all the other teams and players that aren’t still playing.
There are many successes enjoyed by players and teams throughout a season. Games won, new skills attained, strategies understood, friendships gained and even life lessons learned in this game we work at so hard. In the seasons I have coached in different places and programs, I have witnessed each of these things in every season, no matter what the final record or place finished by those teams.
The game of football provides great value to each of its participants that they carry with them for a lifetime, no matter the win-loss record. As we all know it’s great fun to win at the things we try, but often the greatest lessons we learn come from the failures we endure and the getting back up dusting ourselves off and trying again and again. Everyone that participates gets to learn those lessons win or lose.
Our defensive coordinator, Rick McNerlin, loves to remind the team that how successful you ultimately are depends upon “how you handle adversity and prosperity.” That is true of the game of football and true of life as well. This season every player and coach has had those lessons whether you are still playing or not. As the season winds down, the teams still playing will endure adversity and will enjoy prosperity.
There is only a short time left before the season is totally over and the long winter sets in, with the next year’s teams pumping iron to get ready. Even if your team is done and your season ended, I would encourage all of you who love football to go to a game to watch those teams who are fortunate enough to still be playing and celebrate the great experiences you’ve had in the game we love.